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 Thursday, 19th April 2012, 15:44:50

Spyrus launches Linux friendly pocket drive

Spyrus launches Linux friendly pocket drive

Hardware security company Spyrus has created a pocket drive that allows users to build and distribute their own secure, bootable Linux OS image.

The new version of the firm's popular Secure Pocket Drive lets consumers install and run their own applications and productivity locally.

What sets the pocket-sized device apart from its competitors is the fact that it is the only USB flash drive of its kind that boots Linux or Windows environments without the overhead of a virtual machine.

It is good news for companies because it offers secure access to corporate networks, making it ideal for firms that incorporate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace.

BYOD can lead to serious privacy and security issues for organisations because when personal devices are connected to the corporate system, the latter can become infected by malware.

The Secure Pocket Drive allows employees to control the operating environment used by their employees, thus preventing cross-contamination between networks.

Posted by Phil Williams

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