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 Tuesday, 18th January 2011, 16:17:48

Cloud computing is the solution that 'best fits' needs of public administrations

Cloud computing is the solution that 'best fits' needs of public administrations

Cloud computing "appears to be the solution that best fits the need of public administrations", a new report by the European Network and Information Security (ENISA) Agency says.

While studying the impact of moving computer systems to the cloud in three different scenarios, the report found that national governments and European Union institutions should look at cloud computing.

Furthermore, it says that cloud computing will "soon serve a significant proportion" of small and medium-sized businesses and EU citizens as the cost benefits are implemented.

Professor Udo Helmbrecht, the executive director of ENISA, said that companies could start by only placing some of their business into the cloud.

"Public cloud offers a very high level of service availability, and is the most cost effective," he said,

"Yet, currently its adoption should be limited to non-sensitive or non critical applications, in the context of a well-defined cloud adaptation strategy with a clear exit strategy."

The UK government could be one of the first to turn to cloud computing, according to analyst firm ovum, as it looks to cut costs.

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