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 Wednesday, 2nd March 2011, 16:17:48

Domain registrations increase six per cent in 2011, report reveals

Domain registrations increase six per cent in 2011, report reveals

Domain registrations increased by more than six per cent in 2010 as more companies looked to set up a website for their products.

Figures published by VeriSign reveal that there were 205.3 million domain name registrations in the last 12 months, including 3.5 million original domain names.

Additionally, around half of those registered were .com and .net as businesses snapped up the remaining top-level domain name combinations.

VeriSign's query load rose by 61 per cent in the final quarter of 2010, suggesting that interest in setting up websites is not fading.

The company did warn, however, that country-specific domain names, such as, are struggling to gain an interest with growth of only 0.3 per cent over the year, reports

Businesses were advised to choose .com over .net domain names last month as the former will create a stronger following. added that .com sites are also more browser friendly.

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