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 Thursday, 28th July 2011, 17:14:23

Less than half of software market 'belongs to top five security vendors'

Less than half of software market 'belongs to top five security vendors'

Businesses looking to adopt new security software in a bid to reduce the risk of cyber crime could be interested in the findings of a recent study.

New figures from Gartner have revealed that the top five security vendors account for just 44 per cent of the total market, which is worth $16.5 billion (£10 billion).

The 2010 results highlighted that the combined share for Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, IBM and EMC has dropped from 60 per cent since 2006.

Principal research analyst Ruggero Contu suggested that the emergence of new start-up companies had provided increased competition for the popular vendors.

"The information security market is in a continuous state of consolidation, but even fairly intense merger and acquisition activity has not stopped the market from being very fragmented," he added.

This news emerges after Rik Ferguson, director of security, research and communications for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Trend Micro,urged businesses to take action to protect their IT systems against the threat of phishing attacks on social networking websites.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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