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 Tuesday, 26th July 2011, 13:36:49

Media can encourage online searches, says Microsoft

Media can encourage online searches, says Microsoft

Businesses using cloud services in a bid to increase the efficiency of their IT solutions could be interested in recent advice from Microsoft.

Colm Bracken, the company's group search manager, has highlighted the importance of online searches to drive increased revenue for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

For this reason, Mr Bracken has urged firms to adopt online strategies that could be used to compliment advertising carried out on television or on the radio.

His advice comes after the Internet Advertising Bureau announced plans to increase information about the importance of the internet when developing new strategies.

Mr Bracken went on to suggest that alternative forms of media could be used to encourage individuals to search for a particular product online.

"More and more advertisers are looking to see how the various forms of media interact with each other and influence each other and there's a lot to be said for media driving searches," he added.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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