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 Tuesday, 20th September 2011, 11:27:01

Microsoft to launch video streaming service

Microsoft to launch video streaming service

Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer has unveiled plans for the launch of a new highly-anticipated video streaming service for users of the popular Xbox 360 console.

The industry expert stated that Xbox TV will be released in the US just in time for the festive period, with live TV and video content available to subscribers.

Although little confirmation was given regarding the availability of the service across the country, the launch could signal a further boost for the online video streaming sector.

Mr Ballmer did reveal that Xbox TV would utilise Bing and Kinect voice controls to allow gamers to search for content, further highlighting the convenience of the product.

The announcement emerges after Satya Nadella - Microsoft's service and tools business president - highlighted the number of opportunities offered to businesses using connected devices.

Mr Nadella, who was speaking at the IT giant's Build conference, revealed that the application development sector is continuing to adapt to suit the needs of clients.

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