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 Wednesday, 7th September 2011, 10:04:24

Hosted cloud services 'removes restrictions for businesses'

Hosted cloud services 'removes restrictions for businesses'

By adopting hosted cloud services businesses are able to remove a number of restrictions that previously stood in the way of improving operations through a cost-effective solution, an expert has suggested.

Nicola Mortimer, head of ICT and business development at O2, suggested that the advanced technology can offer a completely new dynamic for companies hoping to gain access to the complete online market space.

The expert noted that by adopting hosted cloud services, firms were given more freedom and were no longer restricted to places where employees could travel to physically.

"From an employee's perspective, they really get greater mobility - access to company tools from multiple devices when they are outside of the office, so they are not restricted to being at the desk," Ms Mortimer explained.

Her comments emerge after a survey conducted by iReach on behalf of O2 revealed that over half (54 per cent) of businesses in Ireland are confused by the term "cloud computing", with many viewing a lack of understanding as the primary reason they do not adopt the use of the software.

In addition, 68 per cent of respondents stated they were concerned about the benefits of hosted cloud services due to worries about the security of stored data and integration with existing systems.

Ms Mortimer urged companies to switch over to the increasingly popular IT method in order to limit their spending during the current economic climate, with the use of an external server ensuring businesses can save on maintenance costs.

"It allows them to only pay for services as they use them; it's a utility-based type of computing. That would be a very key aspect for reducing costs within a business," she added.

The iReach survey, which was carried out earlier this month, also revealed that 28 per cent of companies currently use some form of cloud computing, with 54 per cent of participants unsure about the future of the technology.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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