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 Wednesday, 19th October 2011, 11:16:43

Customers 'are not confident about data protection'

Customers 'are not confident about data protection'

A high number of individuals have expressed their concern about the security of their personal information when they give confidential data to UK businesses, the results of a new study have revealed.

Research carried out to mark the launch of National Identity Fraud Protection Week and commissioned by Fellowes highlighted 96 per cent of customers were not confident firms were taking enough action to protect them against security risks and fraud.

In addition, analysts discovered just 52 pet cent of businesses have policies in place to protect the identity of individuals that have presented their personal details.

Andrea Davies, president of Fellowes Europe, said: "Clearly, if almost half of people would avoid a company that has suffered an information breach, it is really in a business' commercial interests to be vigilant about fraud."

The findings reflect an overall downturn in consumer confidence and highlights the importance of ensuring data is stored in the correct manner for companies, which is often carried out with the introduction of clear, concise security strategies.

In addition, many employees suggested a change to operations to ensure information can remain protected after 50 per cent argued that sensitive information could be obtained from company computers.

A growth to the number of people taking part in remote working is also making employees more vulnerable to identity theft outside the office. Fellowes researchers found 39 per cent of these do not shred private documents and fail to carry out workplace measures in their home.

"It is essential to treat documents responsibly wherever you are … Document safety polices need to extend to all areas of work, wherever that work may take place," Ms Davies added.

The findings emerge after Steve Hughes, principal cloud computing specialist at Colt, expressed his wishes for the EU efforts for data privacy would rationalise information protection requirements across Europe.

Posted by Phil Williams

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