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 Wednesday, 8th August 2012, 10:08:50

A strong mobile site is essential to successful business practice

A strong mobile site is essential to successful business practice

It is essential that businesses offer a mobile optimised version of their website, one expert believes.

According to Trevor Bradford, managing director at BrandVoice Marketing Group, having a web presence that can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet is key to communications with potential clients and customers.

"Nothing else allows brands and business to close the loop between consumer action and other forms of marketing communication, both in and out of home and on the move.

"Mobile provides engagement and location based messaging, and tempts the consumer to invite the brand into their life via apps and mobile websites that deliver genuine value in return for their attention," he said.

This is particularly true with e-commerce sites, as more and more online shoppers are making their purchases via smartphones and tablets.

It is a trend that does not seem likely to wane. According to report from ABI Research, one in four e-commerce buys will be completed on a mobile device by 2017.

However, businesses that fail to provide well optimised mobile websites risk higher bounce rates, whereby consumers visit the site but leave without completing any transaction.

Mr Bradford said that the bare minimum a company should do is offer a mobile-optimised version of their site.

He went on to note that mobile marketing offers "a level of sophisticated interaction with customers that has never been seen before".

One of the reasons that having a website optimised for smartphones and tablets is so important is the fact that these devices are increasingly being chosen over and above desktop and laptop computers for accessing the internet.

The busy modern lifestyle means that browsing the web often happens when consumers are on the move, for example, during the morning commute.

Therefore, any company without a mobile-optimised website is likely to fall behind its competitors; consumers will simply get frustrated with the site and look elsewhere for the products and services that they need.

Earlier this year, the British Retail Consortium revealed that mobile online shopping searched experienced a huge year-on-year increase of 113 per cent.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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