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 Tuesday, 6th March 2012, 16:51:07

Cloud computing helps companies cut costs

Cloud computing helps companies cut costs

Businesses who implement cloud technology can dramatically reduce their outgoings, according to computing experts.

Royce Murphy, chief executive of IT company Real Status, said that this is particularly useful for companies which are just starting out.

"[Cloud computing] helped to keep our costs down significantly.

"Costs are lower in the equipment that we had to buy, costs are lower in the skills that we would need to employ and in our whole environment, physical space, dealing with security," he said.

Using cloud technology means that companies are able to avoid buying equipment that they do not need on a permanent basis.

Rather than purchasing what is required for maximum capacity, they can spend less money on base level items and then effectively 'rent' what is additionally needed as and when it becomes necessary.

Furthermore, when a business uses a cloud service provider, it can benefit from its sophisticated skills set with regards to data protection and storage issues.

Mr Murphy noted that these providers are "investing in security tools and procedures on behalf of hundreds of customers, not just themselves" and therefore are far superior in terms of resources.

Cloud computing is predicted to become even more prevalent in the coming years.

Some experts predict that the industry will create up to 200,000 UK jobs by 2015.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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