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 Wednesday, 6th July 2011, 14:56:35

A&N Media begins use of Microsoft Office 365

A&N Media begins use of Microsoft Office 365

Businesses owners looking for ways to improve cloud services for their employees could be interested in the latest corporation to begin using Microsoft Office 365.

A&N Media, which is responsible for publishing the Daily Mail and Metro newspapers, has began use of the innovative product to assist in its collaboration and email services.

Following the adoption, staff members have been given access to a number of programmes in out-of-office environments, such as SharePoint, Lync and Exchange.

Intending to run Microsoft Office 365 across the entire organisation by 2015, A&N media has also announced plans to carry out a pay-as-you-go technique for a range of cloud services.

Mark Laws, head of application services at A&N Media, said: "It's a big change from having to build and run our own infrastructure to just adding users and services when we need them."

More than 200,000 companies looking to improve cost-effectiveness and productivity signed up to receive Microsoft Office 365 upon its launch last month.

Businesses hired to test the product found they had saved up to 50 per cent on IT costs as a result of the accessibility of the service.

Posted by Phil Williams

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